Grilled Chicken and Stuffed Avocados Paired with Washington Hills Riesling.

I hadn’t actually intended for this to be a “true pairing,” at least, not on the scale of the pairings I usually post. This one is short and sweet. I’m a firm believer that food and wine pairings don’t need to be these hugely well thought-out, extravagant and time-consuming affairs. If I’m going to be completely honest, the time it takes to cook the meal for my regular pairings, photograph it (usually taking around 50…

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Borgogno Dolcetto d’Alba 2007 Paired with Flank Steak Spirals with Porcini and Red Wine Sauce

How nice is it to get home to a meal sat on the table when you walk in from working all day!?!? Not that I ask for it very often, but if the Mrs is off, and I’ve been working all day it’s definitely appreciated! Now don’t get me wrong; even though I’m English I’m not Victorian-English! I don’t give my wife a jolly-good-thrashing if dinner isn’t sat on the table, after I’ve been working…

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