Hilarious One-Liner Restaurant Reviews from

The following list of one-liner restaurant "reviews" are directly quoted from restaurant customers quoted on These are actual restaurant reviews, none are made up. Individually, many of these are pretty funny. Collectively, they’re hilarious. (My personal favorites are highlighted in bold). I actually started putting this article together over a year ago, and it’s a good job I researched them when I did as is now a paid subscription only service. “The waiter…

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Zagat Outakes – 2010 Fast-Food Edition

I just realized in the transition from my old website to this one I forgot to upload this post… Zagat recently published their 2010 Fast-Food Restaurant Survey. These are some of the comments that didn’t quite make the cut. “I ate at Jack in the Box before they killed some people. They practiced on me, saw I only got viciously sick to my stomach, so they knew they had to crank it up a notch.”…

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