Taking the World Cork by Cork: Wine Cork Art by Conrad Engelhardt.



The next time you uncork a bottle of vino, you may want to revaluate throwing out the cork. At least, that’s how wine cork artist Conrad Engelhardt got his start! He decided that the humble wine cork deserved a “second lease on life”

Engelhardt uses up-to 5,000 wine corks to create one of his masterpieces; which bearing in mind that he’s a fellow Brit, probably takes him at least…oh, I don’t know….about a week of wine drinking until he has enough to make a piece of art! :)

What I like most is that up close it’s difficult to discern the images, but as you step further back the images become more vivid. I very rarely see the value in what a great number of artists deem their work to be worth, but THIS I can get behind! Click here for the CorkByCork website.

Take a look at the short video below to see one of Conrad’s pieces come together.




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