The Foursquare Wino Badge

Foursquare Wino Badge

I don’t know if there are any avid FourSquare users reading this website, but I thought this might be of interest to you!

Location-based social network service FourSquare recently announced their Wino badge, awarded to users after they “check-in” 3 times to what are  categorized as wine bars. A nice way of showing your friends what a discerning oenophile you are!


Now here’s the interesting part: I think I might have had a large part to play in the creation of the Wino badge!

Last week (whilst my wife was out on town on a business trip, and therefore I had far too much time on my hands), I submitted a request to Foursquare using their online badge submission form. My request was for a “Wino” badge (or “Career Wino”, I can’t remember which), and should be awarded to users whom check-in multiple times to wine bar locations.

A week goes by, and I hear nothing back from Fourquare.

So randomly enough I’m on Facebook this morning, and happen to see that my wife had partaken in a few after-work drinks with her friends, and checked in to one of our favorite wine-bars here in Jacksonville; a cool little place named the Grotto. For this check-in, she earned….you guessed it….the Wino badge! The unlock text for which reads:

“Quite the discerning wine palette. Let the tannins settle and savor the flavor profile – vanilla, butterscotch, used-chimney. Enjoy your next pinot, you oenophile you.”

There’s no real way of proving my claim (since the submission form is online), and not that I’m looking for anything out of it, but a little acknowledgement would be nice!

So; next time you’re out on the town, checking in through FourSquare to a wine bar, and get awarded the Wino badge, I must insist that you raise a glass in my honor!

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