The Silly Wine Tasting Notes Generator

A wine tasting we shall go!

Here’s something to help kill 5 minutes at work today!
The Silly Tasting Notes Generator has been around on the Internet for a quite a while, and is perfect if you’ve ever fancied yourself as an aspiring wine connoisseur. Well maybe that’s a stretch for the use of this particular gadget, but it will certainly make for entertaining conversation at the dinner table!
You can choose between Normal or Extra-Silly, and in a mere matter of seconds, the Silly Tasting Notes Generator creates some of the funniest tastings notes I’ve ever seen, for example:

Overdone but equally overcooked Merlot. Shows whole-wheat bread, intense buttermilk pancakes and atomic traces of pesto. Drink now through last Friday.

Intelligent but equally second-rate Gewurztraminer. Kicks you with taco sauce, zealous ganja and lingering hot dog water. Drink now through eternity.

Tightly wound but acidic monster Barbera. Whispers of Mars bar, underdone oysters and atomic traces of lime zest. Drink now through never.

Heavy-weight but equally zealous Rhone. Opens with hair gel, understated teriyaki and strong-willed opium. Drink now through 2010.

Medium-weight and overdone Pinot Gris. Resembles clam chowder, whimsical dishwater and forward toothpaste. Drink now through Friday.

Click here for the Silly Tasting Notes Generator

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