The Wine Spectator FINALLY Discovers the Secret to a Successful Facebook Post.

This made me smile when I saw it yesterday! Let me explain what we’re looking at…

The below image shows a screenshot taken from the Wine Spectator Facebook Page from this September. The range of likes they received (at least when you look at this particular month), ranges from 11-40, the number of comments is from 0-20 and the number of shares is from 0-13.
I would be quite happy with those numbers, but then again, I’m not running a Facebook Page with almost 69,000 fans! That’s right! The Wine Spectator has nearly 69,000 fans and below is the level of engagement they’re getting! I hate to judge, but that would be a poor show for a Facebook page with a quarter of those fans!

So what does the world’s most well-respected wine magazine do?
The same thing that any company/brand does in order to increase brand awareness, boost reader interaction and strengthen their number of readers/subscribers….(see further down this post).



Yup! I think they’ve finally cracked it with this one! I can’t wait to see next month’s hard copy issue of Wine Spectator! If the popularity of this post is anything to go by, they will probably run a centerfold article on “Sommeliers in Swimsuits!”The Wine Spectator FINALLY Discovers the Secret to a Successful Facebook Post. Bravo, Wine Spectator! Bravo!

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