White Zinfandel Dispute Resolved.

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This TREMENDOUS news (tongue firmly in cheek) resolves an issue which arose last year, when Blossom Hill’s White Zinfandel and White Grenache were impounded by authorities in Italy, where the wines are bottled.
The brand was forced to relabel the wines as Zinfandel Rosé and Grenache Rosé.

The Blossom Hill brand reported that its parent company Diageo and the Wine & Spirit Trade Association have since been working with the EU to resolve the dispute. Following a trade agreement meeting between the US and EU in November, White Zinfandel is now officially recognized for use on labels within the EU as from December.

Confirming the news, a Blossom Hill spokesperson said: “While the liquid and product have remained constant during this period, we had altered the labeling to Zinfandel Rosé. The labeling will now transition back to White Zinfandel with immediate effect.”

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My Thoughts

Make sense. Let’s not be confusing people when it comes to fluorescent pink grape juice!
On a side note: I’m still waiting for a cult Californian winery to put out a decent White Zinfandel, strictly as an experiment. The production should be low, so they aren’t wasting a lot of money; but I just think it would be great for them to submit it to the wine magazines and see how it scores. I’d KILL to see (and taste) a 92 point White Zin!

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