Win a Set of EssenTiles Wine Charms!

Win a Set of Wine Charms.

Imagine the scene, if you will:

There’s a Christmas party at your house. You’ve invited everyone from your work, your friends, family, tennis partners…the whole shebang! Anyone of any relevance in your life is at your party! You went the extra step and splurged on an outside caterer, so the food is amazing! You dropped $7,000 on vino at the wine store just for this party. Everyone is having a blast! It’s actually the party of the century! This is the kind of party that will, quite possibly, make its way into the history books!

…then what happens…?

Someone mistakenly drinks wine out of someone else’s wine glass, after they forget which one is theirs….AND SUDDENLY ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! Chairs are flying over your head! Wine bottles are being used as weapons!! Someone sets your TV on fire!!! There’s broken glass under your feet!!!! Even your neighbors are joining-in!!!! Then your boss, (who happens to have a wine glass lodged in his skull) screams at the top of his lungs “WHAT KIND OF IDIOT THROWS A PARTY AND DOESN’T PROVIDE WINE CHARMS!?!?! DON’T BOTHER COMING TO WORK ON MONDAY!!!! YOU’RE FIRED!!!”….then he keels over and dies.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to know that this all too familiar scene could have been avoided if you’d had just gotten your hands on an amazing set of wine charms? Well worry no more, because I’m giving away 2 SETS OF AMAZING WINE CHARMS!!!

EssenTiles are not your ordinary wine charms! Absolutely not! These are wine charms with a personality! “Upcycled” from vintage Scrabble pieces and altered media, Essentiles owner Hilory Wagner gives her charms the utmost attention to detail, crafting each set with her own two hands. Make sure you take a look at the EssenTiles website for some of her other designs:

By now, you probably know that I like to make these competitions simple, and this one is no different; except, that I want to fill this one with a little-bit of holiday spirit! Here’s all you have to do to win the two sets of wine charms (BLOG WINE and the iPhone icons) in the top photo:
– Visit the EssenTiles Facebook Page (
– Give it a “like” and write something “festive” on Hilory’s wall i.e. “Merry Christmas!!!” or “Happy Festivus!!!!” etc etc etc.
– That’s it. I’m not even kidding. If you want it simpler than that…well…I don’t know what to tell you.

Entrants will be tracked by myself. This competition ends at midnight on Monday December 17th 2012 and the winner will be announced via private Facebook message, where I’ll obtain your shipping address. You should receive the prize in time for Christmas. Good luck!

Win a Set of EssenTiles Wine Charms!

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