Lady Gaga Plans to Make Own Wine.

Word is that she's going to make all the vineyard workers wear this outfit...

It’s been a busy few weeks for Lady Gaga! First the announcement that she’s the first person to ever reach 20 million followers on Twitter, and now this!

The pop icon was spotted in Sonoma County last week, and is allegedly interested in buying a property in the area with a view to making her own wine.

“My favorite way to catch up with friends is to have wine and food nights. We cook together and drink six or seven bottles of red wine,” she said. (NB: I’m starting to like her more already!)

During her trip to California, Gaga stopped into Sonoma’s Best deli and wine shop. “When she came in I noticed the six-inch stiletto heals and knew that she couldn’t be from Sonoma,” said owner Gayle Jenkins.

Two days later, Gaga was spotted in the area again at the bar of The Girl & the Fig where the pair sipped the restaurant’s signature Fig Kiss cocktail featuring FigCello di Sonoma liqueur, made locally from hand picked black mission figs.

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My Thoughts…

I’ll say it here first, I have a HUGE amount of respect for Gaga, and you should too! I think she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing with regard to her career i.e. making fun of the direction pop music has been going over the last 10 years.
On the wine front, it seems like celebrities are coming out of the woodwork to launch their own wine label. Gaga’s wine will obviously sport some ultra-creative packaging (like the lady herself), and I just hope she put as much effort into the quality of the juice as she does on the label! Even if the wine isn’t that good, with 20 million Twitter followers I doubt she’ll have a hard time selling it!

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