Stressing the Vines

I'm so stressed!!!

Grape vines are stressed in several ways. Poor soil, lack of water, and pruning are among the most important.

So why treat the vines so badly? Why not give them everything they want?

Common sense would suggest that happy vines make lots of happy grapes which in turn will make lots of happy wine to sell.

This formula can work, if what you are looking for is quantity over quality, then by all means spoil your vines with everything they could ever desire. For vines this means fertile soil, lots of water, and abundant leaves. The grapes produced will be relatively watery, fat and flavorless.
Plant the same vine in poor soil, reduce the amount of water it gets, and cut back some of those leaves. The vine will put all of its energy into making sure that its offspring are rich and flavorful, increasing its chances for reproducing (by attracting birds).

It’s kind of like people, if you give someone everything they need, every comfort, every luxury, they will never produce anything of substance.Kind of like Paris Hilton. But if you make them struggle a little, the end result will always be greater!

Better grapes therefore make better wine, with a direct trade-off being how much wine you get. It’s this careful balance between quantity and quality that all wineries struggle with, especially in a tough economy. Great wine is an ultimate goal for majority of wineries, but if you don’t make money you are not going to get a chance at another vintage!

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