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Full Bodied: An Art Tasting Exhibition by Conrad Engelhardt

You might remember Conrad Engelhardt from one of my previous posts on his amazing wine cork art. Well, Conrad actually just finished his latest art exhibition in London last week, and so I thought you might like to take a look at the walk-through video he made of his wine cork artwork the morning before the exhibit. All the artwork is made from wine corks, and all the colors you see are only from how…

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Taking the World Cork by Cork: Wine Cork Art by Conrad Engelhardt.

The next time you uncork a bottle of vino, you may want to revaluate throwing out the cork. At least, that’s how wine cork artist Conrad Engelhardt got his start! He decided that the humble wine cork deserved a “second lease on life” Engelhardt uses up-to 5,000 wine corks to create one of his masterpieces; which bearing in mind that he’s a fellow Brit, probably takes him at least…oh, I don’t know….about a week of…

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