This Week in Wine

Fake Jacob’s Creek sold in London

Hundreds of bottles of fake Jacob’s Creek have flooded the market in northeast London.

Of all the wines they could have chosen to counterfeit, why would they choose Jacob’s Creek? Isn’t that like faking $1 bills?



Survey finds most wine not consumed with meals

A new survey of top wine drinkers confirms suspicions that the majority of wine is drunk without food.

Why did it take a survey to work this out? I could have stated this for free!



How to Buy a $75 Bottle of Wine for $25: Just Remove the Label

In the recession era, the fastest-growing segment of the wine industry is in the $9-$12 range. High-end wineries, on the other hand, have found it nearly impossible to sell bottles for their $50 or $75 retail price. This is where 90+Cellars steps in….

This is a GENIUS idea! I’m thinking about trying to get them featured on this site.


Whole Foods tests bars selling craft beer and local wine in its stores

The upscale grocer, as well-known for its sensory-filled shopping as its often-pricey foods, is opening bars that serve craft beer and local wine in more than a dozen stores nationally in a test before a wider roll-out.

How do you make grocery shopping more fun? Introduce alcohol! They say it’s best to never shop on an empty stomach. I can’t think it’s a great idea to shop whilst drunk!


Kluge winery set for multi-parcel absolute auction

The foreclosed Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard will be broken into six land tracts and sold separately at an April 7 auction while the equipment used for bottling, winemaking and tending vineyards will be sold at a separate auction on April 8

A big shame, although I was told that at one point they were using world famous wine consultant Michel Rolland…maybe that wasn’t the best idea (in the interests of saving money).

The many meanings of "organic" wine

Writer Rod Philips provides a short insight into the different meanings of “organic” on a wine label.

This is definitely a topic which deserves more coverage in the wine media. Consumer knowledge is poor at best.



Welcome to Walmart — would you like some wine?

Walmart, known for stocking everything from tires to clothing and televisions, wants to add high-tech wine vending machines to some of its Pennsylvania stores.

…and I’m sure it will be delicious!

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