Antigal Uno Malbec–Mendoza, Argentina 2008

I‘ve had a couple of requests for more Malbec reviews, so here you go… Grape 100% Malbec   Facts In a clever piece of marketing, Bodega Antigal have decided upon strapping a big copper “1” to the front of the bottle! Don’t knock it! It made me notice the bottle on the shelf! Over the last couple of years, Malbec sales have exploded in the U.S., with Nielsen reporting a 60 percent growth between January…

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Review of Cliff Raven Torrontes

Grape 100% Torrontes [Tohr-ron-tez] You’re forgiven if you’ve never heard of the Torrontes grape, however expect to see it more and more over the coming years as its popularity increases. Torrontes really is to Argentina what Pinot Grigio is to Italy. Facts Cliff Raven was a pioneer in tattooing, he was one of the first to incorporate the Japanese style and infuse it with American iconic images creating a signature style that has influenced and…

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Malbec: Argentina Not the First!

The Meaning Supposedly, the word “Malbec”, comes from the surname of a Hungarian peasant who is attributed with being the first person to spread the variety throughout all of France. If you were to ever check-out the big-nerdy wine book that is The Oxford Companion to Wine, you’ll find 400+ different names for the Malbec grape. This proving that the grapes’ popularity isn’t just a recent phenomena. In Bordeaux, it’s also known by Côt or…

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