Charles Smith wines

Blackened Tilapia Baja Tacos Paired with Fish House Sauvignon Blanc.

“A wine named ‘Fish House,’ paired with a fish recipe? Wow, BRILLIANT!!! You’re a GENIUS!!!” Alright, give me a break! I was in the mood for tacos, and I felt like I wouldn’t be doing the wine justice if I didn’t give it a fair shot at pairing with fish….since the wine is named FISH HOUSE! In all honesty, I don’t mind saying that Sauvignon Blanc has quickly grown to become one of my favorite…

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Charles Smith to Launch an All-Chardonnay Winery.

Renegade Washington winemaker Mr. Charles Smith, has his sights set on Chardonnay and only Chardonnay, with his new winery project. The move represents a change of pace for Charles, as his usual focus is towards making top-level Syrah. The once rock band manager, Smith bought the Whitman Cellars facility after it declared bankruptcy in Walla Walla (Washington) earlier this year, and plans to use the 20,000-case winery exclusively for Chardonnay production. “There are some really…

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Kung Fu Girl Riesling by Charles Smith Wines, Columbia Valley, Washington State.

Grape 100% Riesling   Facts I’ve been slowly working my way through the Charles Smith portfolio of wines for the last few years – with the only hindrance to my progress being their limited-availability. It’s quite a wonder why more restaurants/retailers don’t carry this line. I would challenge anyone to find a better value coming out of Washington State right now. It certainly beats the generic-tasting-juice that some of the “big boys” are churning out!…

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