The Obligatory “Which Wines to Pair with Thanksgiving” Post.

Ahh, yes! ‘tis that time of year again! The time when pretty-much every wine writer says “xxxx!!! Do I have to write that ‘Thanksgiving Wine’ post again!?!? xxxx it!!!” Thanksgiving, still to this day, remains the day when the most wine is consumed in the United States! To this end, you have a bunch of people walking up and down the wine aisles of the grocery store in a zombie-like state, with not a clue…

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Everything You Should EVER Need to Know about Beaujolais and Beaujolais Nouveau.

  What is Beaujolais? Beaujolais [Boe-zjoh-lay] is a red wine made from a grape called Gamay. Yup! That’s where we already hit our first hurdle! There is no Beaujolais grape, contrary to what most people assume Beaujolais to be made from. This is always where consumers get confused, not just with Beaujolais, but with French wines in general i.e. between the grape and the region the wine comes from. By French law, Beaujolais Nouveau is…

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My Story: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Version.

In the average week I can’t even count the number of times I get asked where I’m from, how I came to end up in this country, how I met my wife, and how I got into wine. I therefore did what any rational person would do, and set my life story to the beat of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Now I can just direct them to this post and all will become…

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